The website and the Casa Shangri La mobile app are published by Casa Shangri La, a public limited company registered in the Trade and Companies Register under no. 602 036 444, with its head office at Antonio Aveiga 8, EC131451, Canoa, Manabi, Republic of Ecuador, with SRI IVA no. 93 602 036 444, and entered in the Register of Travel Agents and Other Tour Operators under no. 091100035, (hereinafter “Casa Shangri La”).

(To contact us: contact; telephone: +593-(0)52-588-076

1. Preamble

1. Casa Shangri La operates the website (hereinafter referred to as the “Website”), the Casa Shangri La hotel reservation website.
2. The Website and Mobile Services enable users to reserve rooms in hotel Casa Shangri La.
3. Other services can be reserved through the Website or Mobile Services with partners of Casa Shangri La Reservations are made directly between the customer and the partners of Casa Shangri La
4. The customer confirms having received from Casa Shangri La all the necessary information on the Website or Mobile Services.
5. All reservations made via the Website or Mobile Services imply consultation and full and unreserved acceptance of these terms and conditions and the conditions of sale for the rate reserved.
6. Customers agree to these terms and conditions and the conditions of sale for the rate reserved at the time of reservation; no reservation is possible without this agreement.
7. Customers have the option of saving and editing these terms and conditions by using the standard functions on their browser or computer.
8. The Website and Mobile Services include the following information:

  • The legal notice enabling precise identification of Casa Shangri La and stating its corporate name, the address at which it operates, its email address, telephone number, registered office, individual IVA identification number, references related to its entry in the Register of Travel Agents and Other Tour Operators and, if different, the address of the establishment responsible for the offer
    The main features of the accommodation offered (hotel facilities may be viewed at the reservation stage depending on the accommodation selected).
  • Additional services offered (valid only on the Website):
    • Prices
    • Payment methods
    • General terms and conditions of sale and conditions of sale for the rate reserved
    • Validity of the offer and its price
    • Minimum length of the proposed contract, if applicable
    • Methods of payment accepted.

9. The main features of the accommodation offered, prices and available dates of the accommodation are shown on each hotel page during the reservation process.
10. Before ordering services, customers state that the reservation of these services is for their own personal use.
11. As consumers, customers have specific rights, which would be called into question in the event of the services reserved being used for the purpose of their commercial, industrial, business or professional activities.
12. All information available on the Website and Mobile Services is given in French as well as in several other languages.
13. Customers confirm that they have full legal capacity to commit to these terms and conditions.

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2. Definitions

The terms used in this document are defined as follows:

« acknowledgement of receipt »: Email sent by the Website or Mobile Services to the customer summarizing the customer’s reservation and confirming its receipt by the Website or Mobile Services.

“confirmation of booking”: Virtual document summarizing the services reserved by the customer on the Internet, and possibly stating the customer’s bank card number in the context of a prepayment or guarantee. Acceptance of the reservation confirmation by the customer constitutes a contractual commitment.

« customer »: Individual acting for personal or professional reasons but without relation to hotel activity.

« consumer »: Any individual acting for purposes that do not fall within the remit of his/her commercial, industrial, business or professional activity.

« email »: Any message, in text, voice, sound, or image format, sent by a public communication network and stored on a network server or in the recipient’s workstation equipment until it is retrieved by said recipient.

« reservation request »: Request for a hotel room reservation submitted by the customer via Mobile Services or the Internet.

« partners »: Providers of services available through the Website or Mobile Services, and in particular, tour operators, car rental companies, and train and plane ticket providers.

« online reservation »: Reservation of hotel rooms through the virtual reservation form on the Website or Mobile Services.

« service »: Reservation of hotel rooms whose main features are given on the Website or Mobile Services.

“Mobile services”: All services and protocols making it possible to connect mobile terminals to the Internet, and in particular, enabling consultation and reservation of hotel services supplied by Casa Shangri La

« website »: Electronic service operated by Casa Shangri La on the Internet, available at

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3. Subject

1. These terms and conditions define the rights and obligations of the parties within the scope of the remote reservation of services offered by Casa Shangri La through its Website and Mobile Services.
2. They cover all stages required for reservation and post-reservation between the contracting parties.
3. Customers acknowledge having read and accepted these terms and conditions of sale and the conditions of sale of the rate reserved, available on the Website and Mobile Services. These terms and conditions also include the Casa Shangri La Privacy Statement. By accepting these terms and conditions, customers expressly accept the provisions of this Charter.

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4. Scope of application

These terms and conditions of sale apply to all reservations made on the Internet, via the Website or Mobile Services.

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5. Duration

1. These terms and conditions of sale apply for the entire duration that Casa Shangri La services are available on the Website and Mobile Services.
2. Casa Shangri La reserves the right to temporarily or permanently shut down access to its Website and/or Mobile Services or online booking space without prior notice.

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6. Reservations

1. Customers select the services displayed on the Website or Mobile Services.
2. Customers confirm that they are aware of the nature, purpose and reservation methods of the services available on the Website or Mobile Services and have requested and obtained the necessary and/or supplementary information needed to make the reservation in full knowledge of the facts.
3. On the Website, customers can reserve, as individuals and for their own personal requirements, a maximum of three (3) rooms per reservation and on Mobile Services a maximum of one (1) room. For reservations relating to business groups, meetings, seminars etc., the section Casa Shangri La PRO Solutions on the Website should be used.
4. Customers are solely responsible for their choice of services and the suitability of those services for their needs. Casa Shangri La cannot be held responsible in this respect.
5. The reservation is deemed to have been accepted by the customer at the end of the reservation process.

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7. Reservation process

1. Reservations by customers are made using the virtual reservation form available online on the Website or through the Mobile Services.
2. A reservation is deemed to have been made on availability confirmation by Casa Shangri La of the reservation form or reservation request, but deemed to be valid only after an (online) prepayment is made (by bank card, wire transfer, PayPal or Western Union).
3. Prior to any reservation, customers must complete the information required on the reservation form or request.
4. Customers attest to the truth and accuracy of the information submitted.
5. The reservation process includes the following main steps:

  • Step 1: Selecting a room and rate.
  • Step 2: Selecting, where applicable, one or more supplementary services (applies to the Website only)./li>
  • Step 3: Checking the reservation details, total price and applicable terms and conditions of sale, and making any necessary changes to the selection (room, rate, supplementary services), in the case of online reservations only.
  • Step 4: Completing the customer’s details.
  • Step 5: Entering credit card details in the case of guarantee request or prepayment.
  • Step 6: Consulting and accepting the terms and conditions of sale and the conditions of sale for the rate reserved before confirming the reservation.
  • Step 7: Reservation confirmation by the customer.

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8. Reservation acknowledgment of receipt

1. The Website and Mobile Services acknowledge receipt of the customer’s reservation by email immediately.
2. For online reservations, the emailed acknowledgment of receipt of the reservation summarizes the contract offer, services reserved, prices, conditions of sale accepted by the customer relating to the rate selected, date of reservation, information relating to the after-sales service, and the address of the hotel vendor’s premises to which the customer should send any complaints.

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9. Customer service

For complaints relating to hotel reservations, Customer Service is at your disposal.
Please use our Support space section.
The postal address is:
Casa Shangri La
Antonio Aveiga 8
EC 131451, Canoa, Ecuador

For all other complaints, please use the “contact” section.

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10. Cancelation or modification by the customer

1. Customers are reminded that, in accordance with Ecuador Consumer Code (Ley Orgánica de Defensa del Consumidor), they have no right of withdrawal.
2. The conditions of sale for the rate reserved specify the terms for canceling and/or changing the reservation.
3. Reservations with prepayment cannot be changed and/or canceled in any way, and sums paid in advance as a deposit cannot be refunded. This is indicated in the conditions of sale for the rate.
4. When permitted by the conditions of sale for the rate reserved:
– Changes to reservations can be made directly with the hotel, whose emails are stated on the reservation confirmation sent by email.
5. If the stay is terminated early, the full agreed price will be paid. In the case of reservation with prepayment, no refund will be made for this reason.
6. Unless expressly stated otherwise, customers must vacate their room before midday on the final day of the reservation. Failing this, an additional night will be charged.

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11. Hotel stay

1. In application of the regulations in certain countries, customers may be asked on arrival at the hotel to fill out a police registration card. For this purpose, customers will be asked to provide identification so that a check can be made to decide if they need to complete the registration card or not.
2. Casa Shangri La accept certain pets provided that they are kept on a leash or in a cage in public areas of the hotel (to check if a hotel accepts pets or not, customers should refer to the hotel fact sheet on the Website or Mobile Services). For reasons of hygiene, pets are not allowed in “social area”.
3. Customers agree and undertake to use their room responsibly. Therefore, any conduct contrary to accepted standards of behavior and public order will result in the hotelier asking the customer to leave the hotel with no compensation and/or refund if a payment has already been made. If no payment has been made, the customer will have to pay the price of nights already stayed before leaving the hotel.
4. Casa Shangri La have Internal Regulations for customers. Customers accept and undertake to respect these regulations. In the event that a customer fails to respect one of the provisions of the Internal Regulations, the hotelier will be obliged to ask the customer to leave the hotel with no compensation and/or refund if a payment has already been made.
5. Casa Shangri La offer free WIFI access that allows customers to connect to the Internet. Customers undertake to ensure that computing resources made available to them by the hotel are not used in any way for reproduction, representation, provision or communication to the public of works or objects protected by copyright or a related right, such as texts, images, photographs, musical works, audiovisual works, software or video games, without the authorization of the copyright holder when this authorization is required. Customers who do not comply with the above obligations risk being found guilty of infringement of copyright , punishable by a Ecuadorian Law regulations. Customers are also required to comply with the security policy of the hotel’s Internet service provider, and with the rules for the use of security resources whose purpose is to prevent the illicit use of computing resources, and to refrain from any act that might undermine the effectiveness of these resources.

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12. Guarantees

1. Customers will receive a contractual guarantee applicable to the service.

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13. Responsibility

1. Photographs displayed on the Website and Mobile Services are not contractual. Although every effort is made to ensure that photographs, graphic images and text used to illustrate hotels provide as accurate an impression as possible of the accommodation offered, variations may occur, in particular as a result of changes to furniture or possible renovations.
2. Casa Shangri La cannot be held responsible for the non-fulfillment or inadequate fulfillment of the reservation in cases of force majeure, actions of third parties, and actions of customers, in particular the non-availability of the Internet network, inability of accessing the Website, external intrusion, computer viruses, or non-authorized prepayment by the card holder’s bank.
3. Hyperlinks may link to sites other than the Casa Shangri La Website or Mobile Services. Casa Shangri La accepts no responsibility for the content of these websites or the services offered on them.
4. Any reservation or payment that is irregular, ineffective, incomplete, or fraudulent for any reason attributable to the customer will result in the cancellation of the order at the customer’s expense, without prejudice to any civil or criminal action brought against the customer.

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14. Complaints

1. Complaints relating to the failure to execute or poor execution of hotel services must, under penalty of foreclosure, be made known to Casa Shangri La in writing within eight days of the date of departure from the hotel, either directly to the hotel or to the Customer Service address indicated above.
2. Casa Shangri La are operated by companies that are legally separate from Casa Shangri La and are therefore solely responsible to customers for potential damages. Consequently in cases of litigation, customers must deal exclusively with the company operating the hotel in which they stayed.

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15. Prices

1. Prices relating to the reservation of services are indicated before and during reservation.
2. Prices shown are per room for the number of person(s) and date selected.
3. Prices are confirmed to the customer inclusive of all taxes in the commercial currency of the hotel and are valid only for the period stated on the Website or Mobile Services.
4. If payment to the hotel is made in a currency other than the currency confirmed on the reservation, the customer is liable for the exchange fees.
5. All reservations, regardless of their origin, are payable in the hotel’s local currency unless specifically indicated otherwise at the hotel.
6. Unless stated otherwise on the Website, additional services (breakfast, half-board, full-board etc.) are not included in the price. Unless stated otherwise on the Mobile Services, breakfast is not included in the price.
7. Tourist tax, specified on the rates page, must be paid directly to the hotel, with the exception of online prepayments where this amount may be included.
8. Prices are inclusive of IVA applicable on the day of reservation and any change to the applicable IVA rate will be automatically reflected in the prices shown on the date of billing.
9. Any change or introduction of new legal or regulatory taxes imposed by the competent authorities will be automatically reflected in the prices shown on the date of billing.
10. Conversion into foreign currency is given as an indication and is non-contractual. Only the currency confirmed on reservation is guaranteed (if this currency is different from the one used in the hotel, possible exchange fees will remain the customer’s responsibility).
11. If a rate states that payment is to be made on arrival at or departure from the hotel, and the customer’s currency is not the same as that of the hotel, the rate debited by the hotel may differ from that indicated when the reservation was made, on account of a possible difference between the exchange rate on the date of reservation and the dates of the hotel stay.
12. When confirming the customer’s reservation, Casa Shangri La will state the total amount of the order.
13. Rates may be increased by different taxes Casa Shangri Lading to cities/countries. Customers undertake to pay the various taxes, without complaint to Casa Shangri La
14. Certain promotional offers available on the Internet are sold exclusively on the Internet, that is, remotely and in no circumstance at the front desk of the hotel.

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16. Payment

1. Customers provide their bank details as a guarantee of the reservation except where special conditions or rates apply, using a credit card or charge card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club etc.) according to the hotel selected, indicating directly in the area provided for this purpose (secure entry by SSL encryption) the card number without spaces, the expiration date (the card used must be valid at the time of the stay) and the card security code in the relevant fields (secure entry by SSL encryption) as prepayment via the 2Checkout Payment Services or PayPal.
2. Payment is debited at the hotel during the stay, except in the case of special conditions or rates when payment is made at the time of reservation (online prepayment on certain rates). This prepayment serves as a deposit. In the case of a rate not prepaid online, the hotel may ask the customer on arrival for a deposit or an authorization to debit the credit card, in order to guarantee payment of the amounts corresponding to the services provided by the hotel.
3. The rate reserved is eligible, subject to availability, at the hotel selected by the customer. When the words “rate not eligible for use of points” are displayed on the page showing the available rates, the rate is ineligible.
4. In the event of a no-show (reservation not canceled – customer fails to arrive) when a reservation has been guaranteed by credit card, the hotel will debit a compensatory flat rate, equivalent to the amount of the first night, from the customer’s credit card that was given to guarantee the reservation. Any additional nights reserved will be canceled without charge unless indicated otherwise in the conditions of sale for the rate reserved.
5. Casa Shangri La has chosen 2Checkout Payment Services or PayPal to secure online payments by credit card. The validity of the customer’s payment card is verified by 2Checkout Payment Services or PayPal. Payment cards may be refused for several reasons: stolen or blocked card, credit limit reached, entry error etc. In the event of a problem, customers will need to contact both their bank and the hotel in order to confirm the reservation and payment method.
6. If a customer reserves several rooms, but prepayment is required for only one of these rooms, for example, the payment card used on the 2Checkout Payment Services or PayPal enables the room in question to be prepaid and the specified payment card will serve as a guarantee for the other rooms. This paragraph does not apply to Mobile Services.
7. At the time of prepayment, the amount debited for the reservation includes the price of accommodation, taxes related to the accommodation, the price of meals if breakfast is selected, taxes related to meals and any other supplementary services selected by the customer (as mentioned in point 15.6).
8. In the case of a rate subject to prepayment online, the amount paid in advance, namely the deposit, is debited at the time of reservation.
9. Some hotels can generate invoices/bills by electronic means. The original file is certified and available online from the email address communicated by the hotel.

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17. Privacy protection

1. Customers are informed, on every personal data form, of the mandatory or optional nature of responses by the use of an asterisk.
2. If information identified as mandatory is not provided, Casa Shangri La may be unable to register the reservation, manage the customer’s participation in the loyalty program or manage complaints made by the customer.
3. Information processed is intended for Casa Shangri La, its group entities, partners, service providers (in particular providers of online payment) and hotels.
4. Service provider entities may be established outside the Ecuador.
5. In the framework of precontractual measures for the purposes of reservation or execution of the hotel reservation contract, each may in so far as it is concerned, be the recipient of identification data, personal and professional data, and economic and financial information, in particular for purposes such as hotel reservation, management of the loyalty program, and complaints management.
6. Customers authorize Casa Shangri La to transfer the categories of data mentioned above to all countries in which subsidiaries and service providers of Casa Shangri La are established, for the purposes of customer relations management, reservations, customer preferences and the management of marketing and promotions.
7. Customers authorize Casa Shangri La to communicate their personal data to third parties on the condition that such communication is deemed necessary for Casa Shangri La to carry out its operations as stated in these terms and conditions and in line with the General Privacy Policy Charter.
8. During online payment in particular, customer bank details must be transmitted by the payment service provider (2Checkout Payment Services or PayPal) to the hotel’s bank in order to execute the hotel reservation contract. Customers are informed that this transfer of data may therefore take place in foreign countries that do not have adequate personal data protection as understood by the Ecuador data protection legislation. However, customers consent to this transfer that is necessary to make their reservation. In their professional capacity 2Checkout Payment Services or PayPal have made a commitment to Casa Shangri La to take every possible security measure to ensure that the confidentiality of data in the aforementioned transfers is respected.
9. Customers have the right to oppose, at no cost, the use of their data for market research and commercial purposes. They also have the right to object for legitimate reasons, to question, access and correct their data by writing to Casa Shangri La may in particular email customers its Newsletter, promotional offers and satisfaction questionnaire following a hotel stay. A link allowing customers to unsubscribe can be found at the bottom of all commercial marketing emails.
10. Some Casa Shangri La process personal data for the purposes of prevention and safety of property and persons, and to respond to outstanding debts. For these reasons, the hotel may decide to include in the category of “blacklisted” customers, any customer whose behavior has been inappropriate in the following ways: aggression and rudeness, non-compliance with the hotel contract, failure to observe safety rules, theft, damage and vandalism, or payment issues. These data are mandatory. The status of blacklisted may cause the hotel where this listing originated to refuse a customer’s reservation when he/she returns to the same hotel, during a period, depending on the reasons, of 122 or 450 days (in cases of aggression toward staff and/or customers, fighting within the hotel grounds, insults, threats or threatening behavior to staff and/or customers, noisy behavior disturbing other customers, damaging security and/or safety equipment, unnecessarily triggering safety equipment, or other actions causing safety risks to staff and/or customers). Data relating to the identity and blacklisted status of the customer are intended for authorized personnel in the hotel where the listing originated, as well as for Casa Shangri La and its hotel reservation service providers who may be outside the Ecuador, in Morocco, a country without equivalent protection, or in the United States. Dataflows to Morocco are contractually regulated by standard contractual manager-to-subcontractor clauses defined by the European Commission. Dataflows to the United States are made to an entity belonging to Safe Harbor.
11. The personal data protection policy can be consulted in the “Personal Data Protection Charter”

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18. Agreement on evidence

1. Entry of the necessary bank details and acceptance of these terms and conditions and the reservation form or request constitute an electronic signature equivalent in stature to a physical signature between the parties.
2. The computerized records retained in the IT systems of Casa Shangri La will be kept under reasonable levels of security and will be considered as proof of communication, orders and payments between the parties.
3. Customers are hereby informed that their IP address is recorded at the time of reservation.

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19. Relocation

In the event that the chosen hotel is not available, or in cases of force majeure, the hotel reserves the possibility of accommodating the customer totally or partially in a hotel of equivalent category for the same type of services. Any additional cost of the room, transport between the two hotels or telephone calls remain the responsibility of the chosen hotel.

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20. Force majeure

Casa Shangri La cannot be held responsible to the customer if it fails to carry out its obligations as a result of force majeure. Cases of force majeure (superior force) are those events usually recognized as such by the jurisprudence of Ecuador Courts and Tribunals.

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21. Settlement of disputes

1. In the event of a dispute relating to these terms and conditions, customers are informed by Casa Shangri La of the possibility of recourse to a conventional mediation procedure or to any alternative method of dispute settlement.
2. Guests should first contact customer services or the hotel to attempt to resolve the dispute amicably. If no amicable settlement is reached within 60 days, guests can contact the Mediator for Travel and Tourism for Casa Shangri La hotel.

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22. Applicable law

These terms and conditions of sale are governed by Ecuador law without obstructing the mandatory protective provisions that may be applicable in the consumer’s country of residence.

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23. Entirety of agreement

1. These terms and conditions of sale, conditions of sale for the rate reserved by the customer, and the reservation form or request express the parties’ obligations in their entirety.
2. No general or specific condition communicated by the customer can be incorporated into these terms and conditions.
3. The documents constituting the contractual obligations between the parties are, in descending order of priority, the reservation form or request (covering the specific conditions of the rate reserved) and these terms and conditions.
4. In the event of a discrepancy between the reservation form and the terms and conditions, only the provisions in the reservation form will apply for the obligation in question.

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24. Development/modification of the terms and conditions of online sale

These terms and conditions of online sale may be modified and/or supplemented at any time by Casa Shangri La In this case, the new version of the terms and conditions of online sale will be put online by Casa Shangri La and will automatically apply for all customers with immediate effect.
Customers should also consult the supplementary terms and conditions of sale related to each rate, room type or service type shown on the price list.

Last Updated: April 2016

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